At PMC Outdoors – Camo With Class – We make camo look good! Whether you’re outdoors hunting or fishing, or out on the town with friends, we’ve got your look!

We set out to create functional camo that was stylish enough to wear anywhere. And we did.

Headed to the woods? PMC has you covered. Going shopping with your friends? PMC has you covered!

PMC Outdoors was founded by Laura Kirkland. She, Along with Team members, Kristy Larrington and Becky Goff have a true passion for hunting and most all things outdoors. An accurate statement for the team would be If they are not hunting, they are thinking about hunting.
They love to introduce, educate, encourage and inspire other women and children who are interested in but for whatever reason has not stepped out of their comfort zone and into the woods. These ladies are wives, mothers and grandmothers, they say some of THE BEST MEMORIES made are with family and friends in the great outdoors. Whether it be hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, target practice, scouting or just riding an atv thru the woods memories made doing so will be treasured for a lifetime. The ladies love the entire experience from preparing grounds and planting food plots, scouting for signs of the perfect place to sit or hang a stand, to dressing, processing and the most rewarding..feeding their family. Of course they teach…SAFETY is ALWAYS FIRST!
Hunting to us is not just about taking an animal. Hunting is about feeding your families, protecting your property/livestock from predators, fellowship with friends and time spent together as a family learning animals and their habitats, teaching children, sharing precious time with them, and giving back to your community and/or to others in need. However, there is nothing more exciting than being with someone who has just taken their first. The smiles are contagious and the memories are forever etched in our hearts. Follow our adventures as we hunt whitetail deer, turkey, hogs, and predators such as coyotes and bobcats in the Pineywoods of East Texas, the Texas Hill Country and the mountains of Arkansas.
Although these ladies love the outdoors and enjoy hunting and fishing , they also love to have their hair and nails done and desperately wanted a way to look and feel feminine while while doing so. Having said that,
We are pleased to announce that Laura, Founder of PMC Outdoors, designed and copyrighted a New, Classy, Casual Pink Camo , (Princess Mountain Camo or PMC for short) for the ladies who want to feel feminine while in the field, and… the ones who just love camo, and…pink! She realized not all ladies love pink and she couldn’t leave those or the guys out. She wanted something for everyone so she made her pattern available in reg camo as well. Laura worked hard for many years to accomplish this goal and couldn’t be more pleased with the overwhelming response she is getting from the New Camo Line. She has Hoodies, Long and Short Sleeve Shirts, Beanies, Back Packs, Coolers and Gun Bags all available in PMC camo. Her ultimate Dream/Goal for PMC is to buy land in the Texas Hill Country (Llano, the Deer Capital of Texas) and build a 100% Handicap Accessible Hunting Lodge with Handicap Accessible Stands to allow children (and adults) who would normally not be able to experience a hunt to do just that…all free of charge! By purchasing PMC Outdoors Camo you are helping to reach that goal.
Thanks to the Good Lord above, dedication, determination and hard work we are doing what we love, and…loving what we do!

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