Wedding Bells and Missing Shells

This was probably the most memorable hunt of all time. After a busy weekend setting up for a Beautiful Wedding day with my youngest son saying “I DO” to his Beautiful Bride the three PMC Outdoors ladies went back to the farm to sneak in a hunt before the other two Sisters had to head back home. It was raining and nasty out but we were determined to make a hog run knowing they would be out enjoying the perfect weather for them. We loaded the Polaris mule and took off to the back 40 (100) on the farm. After riding for quiet some time we decided they were smarter than we thought they were and was not out like we assumed they would be. As we get back to our last gate (almost back to the house) Becky notices a large herd of pigs in the pasture directly behind our house. So we make a plan to get to them WITHOUT them seeing us and start sneaking their way. Note: we have cattle that do NOT like strangers and Becky and Kristy are strangers to them. I decided I should pen them in a joining pasture before we went for the hogs. After corralling the cattle, we head back to where the hogs were and parked the mule to the side as to not get noticed and gather our rifles to sneak as close as possible to them. As we start our walk I noticed our cattle coming straight to us!! I left a gate open unknowingly!! I thought they would just watch us and not bother us but no… they knew strangers were there so I had to get back on the mule and go pen them AGAIN! Finally make it back to sneak up on the hogs and literally had to crawl on all fours in the rain to get close enough for a shot. I told the girls there was a log laying across the ground beside the creek and that was our stopping point. We crawled on hands and knees to this log, laid on our stomachs in the rain and took aim. I told the girls when we are all set we would shoot on three! Ready, Set, SHOOT! Everyone fired a shot but me….I didn’t have a shell in my rifle!!! So I jacked one in FAST and took my shot as they were running away then jumped up to address the fire ants that had eaten me alive while trying to get a shot! They help get the ants off me and we went to retrieve our pigs!!! We each got a small pig!!! It was the most adventurous hunt and most memorable although our pigs were small! We were ecstatic that we conquered the obstacles before us to make this hunt successful! Although the pigs were small it was three less pigs causing damage to our pastures where we graze our cattle! It’s not about the “trophy” you hunt, it’s about making memories with loved ones that last a lifetime!

Pretty in Pink - Deadly in Camo!

PMC Outdoors ladies can KICK SOME BUTTS in the field! We hunted a local FFA Predator Hunting Contest from 2pm one evening to 9am the next morning against SEVEN other teams. We were the ONLY LADIES and of course we teased the guys at check in that they were about to be beat by women…to which they LAUGHED, but only for a short time because after having an absolute BLAST hunting most of the night, we WON IT!!!! We also won BIGGEST COYOTE and each of us won a door prize!!! The other seven teams were a little upset (ok, a lot upset) getting beat by LADIES!! NEVER judge a hunter by their looks!!!

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